Michael Harding Professional Oil Paint

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Michael Harding oil colours offer the greatest possible coverage, with brilliant, vibrant and true colours. The consistency is creamy, buttery, easy to handle and to manipulate texture. Artists know Michael Harding artist oil colours give their paintings the qualities that help make it stand out in a room full of paintings. The greater the pigment content of a paint the greater the resistance it has to fading, resulting in excellent lightfast ratings!

Available in 40ml or 225ml

"Inspiration from the Masters

I started making oil colours back in 1982 while I was studying Fine Art. I had always been inspired by Rembrandt’s paintings in the National Gallery and I wanted to try and recreate his paint effects and glorious colours in my own work.

If at first you don’t succeed...

Not surprisingly, after a number of failed attempts, I realised something was missing. It wasn’t just Rembrandts genius that I lacked, but also the actual materials he had used; My original materials would not behave in the same way as the paint used in his work, and the colours had a totally different appearance.

My quest began. I was determined to get what I needed – Oil paint that was of the same quality and consistency as that used by the Old Masters. After a number of months doing intensive research, I turned my flat into a small oil paint mill."

Michael Harding
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Price: £168.00

Price From: £6.28

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