Unveiling the Charm of Arches Watercolour Blocks: A bradburyART Exploration

March 7, 2024
Unveiling the Charm of Arches Watercolour Blocks: A bradburyART Exploration
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At bradburyART, nestled in the heart of Belfast City Centre, we pride ourselves on curating the finest art supplies for our cherished community of artists. With over three decades of expertise, we understand the significance of quality in the creation process. Today, we delve into the prestigious world of Arches watercolour blocks, answering some of your most pressing questions and unraveling whether this celebrated paper is the masterpiece it's claimed to be.

Is Arches Paper Worth It?

The question of value is paramount to every artist, from the seasoned professional to the enthusiastic beginner. Arches watercolour paper stands as a beacon of excellence in the art world. Crafted in the same French mill since 1492, Arches paper embodies a legacy of unmatched quality. Its 100% cotton composition, durable texture, and natural gelatin sizing not only offer a superior painting experience but also longevity to your creations. Whether it’s the vibrant clarity of your colors or the exquisite way the paper handles water, the investment in Arches is an investment in your art's future.

Painting Directly on a Watercolor Block: A Game Changer?

One of the unique offerings of Arches is their watercolor blocks, which are a godsend for artists on the go and those who value convenience. But, can you paint directly on them? Absolutely. The blocks are glued on all four sides, creating a sturdy surface that prevents warping. This means you can apply watercolor directly onto the top sheet without the need for stretching or prepping. Once your masterpiece is complete and dry, simply use a palette knife to remove the top sheet, revealing a fresh one ready for your next inspiration.

The Perfect Size for Every Vision

Arches watercolour blocks come in a variety of sizes, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every project. From the more intimate 7"x10" for smaller works to the expansive 18"x24" for larger visions, Arches caters to every artistic endeavor. This versatility ensures that whether you're detailing a delicate floral arrangement or capturing a sweeping landscape, there's an Arches paper size that's just right.

Navigating the Two Sides of Arches Paper

Each sheet of Arches watercolour paper is a story of two sides. But which side do you use? Traditionally, the side with the watermark is considered the "front," offering a slightly textured surface ideal for watercolor techniques. However, the beauty of Arches lies in its versatility. The "back" side provides a slightly different texture that many artists find suits their style better. We encourage exploration; test both sides and discover which speaks to your artistic voice.

Embark on Your Arches Journey

Elevate your artistry with Arches watercolour blocks, a choice that bridges the gap between tradition and innovation. For more information on the Arches range of papers and to dive deeper into the world of high-quality watercolor techniques, visit Arches Aquarelle. At bradburyART, we’re more than just a store; we’re a community passionate about bringing your creativity to life. Explore Arches with us, and let’s paint a brighter future for art together.

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