Discover the Magic: Doug Hyde's 2024 Collection Now at bradburyART

April 3, 2024
Discover the Magic: Doug Hyde's 2024 Collection Now at bradburyART
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At bradburyART, we are thrilled to unveil a collection that speaks directly to the heart – the enchanting new 2024 series by Doug Hyde, Britain's beloved contemporary artist. This exclusive release, titled "Always by Your Side," along with standout pieces like "Love Makes the World Go Round," "Perfect Match," "Love You Too," and "Laughter and Love," encapsulates the essence of joy, companionship, and the simple pleasures of life, all through Hyde's captivating visual language.

The Heartbeat of 2024: Always by Your Side

At the center of this year's collection stands the sculpture "Always by Your Side," a testament to enduring love and the unspoken bonds that tether us through the ebbs and flows of life. Crafted with Hyde's characteristic warmth and whimsy, this piece is not just an artwork but a beacon of comfort and connection.

A Canvas of Emotions

Each piece of artwok in Doug Hyde's 2024 collection is a window into the soulful explorations of love and laughter. Framed to perfection and ready to find its place in your home, every piece from this collection invites you to partake in a world where every stroke, every hue, brings joy and light.

Exclusive Offers: Free Shipping & Payment Plans

Understanding the anticipation and demand for Doug Hyde's work, bradburyART is delighted to offer Free Shipping throughout the UK and Ireland for the entire collection. Additionally, to make this opportunity accessible to all art lovers, we provide an option to spread the payments over 3 months with Klarna, ensuring that owning a piece of this exclusive collection is as easy as it is rewarding.

Don't Miss Out: The Time to Act is Now

Doug Hyde's collections are celebrated not just for their emotive power but also for their extraordinary popularity. With pieces known to sell out quickly, we encourage collectors to seize this moment. This is more than an invitation to own a piece of art; it's a call to immerse yourself in a world where art becomes a part of your daily living, bringing with it laughter, love, and the joy of being "Always by Your Side."

Visit us at bradburyART, either online or in our Belfast gallery, to experience the magic of Doug Hyde's 2024 collection. Let us help you find the perfect match for your space and heart.  The collection will be arriving in the Gallery Shortly.

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