Customise your Trainers with Pebeo Leather Painting Set

April 6, 2024
Customise your Trainers with Pebeo Leather Painting Set
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Customize your sneakers with Setacolorleather!

PEBEO presents its new sneaker customization box for teens in collaboration with @sunika_custom artist.

In this box you'll find :

  • 1x Preparer & Deglazer

 It will help you degrease and prepare your sneakers before applying the colours with a bottle or marker.

  • 2x leather paint colours

We have chosen trendy colours with unique effects that will enhance your sneakers.

  • 3x Leather Paint Markers

 It is perfect for quickly and easily customizing your sneakers thanks to its extra-fine tip!

  • 1x Angled flat brush

Super simple to apply the paint both to work on the details or to do coloured backgrounds.

  • 3x replacement tips

 You can use them if your markers stop working.

  • 1x matt-satin varnish

It will help you protect your sneakers from scratches or rubbing once they are customized

  • 1x sneaker customization tutorial

SUNIKA will guide you through the various steps involved in transforming your ordinary sneakers into a unique and ultra-stylish pair of shoes.

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For more of the range there is an extensive collection to choose from:


Setacolor Leather is a range of acrylic paints especially designed for customising and repairing leather and synthetic leather. This range offers a modern colour chart showing colours with unique effects: 23 MATT-SATIN colours, 12 effect colours: METAL, PEARL, FLUORESCENT, PHOSPHORESCENT and DUOCHROME, 10 MARKERS with an extra fine tip, and 6 AUXILIARIES designed to prepare, create and protect your designs. The colours are presented in a 25% recycled PE bottle in 45 ml format, and the auxiliaries are available in 110 ml format.

The colours are applied to a surface that has been previously degreased using the range’s preparatory degreasing agent in order to remove the protective varnish that covers the surface and to degrease it for optimum adhesion of the colours.

The range's durability has been approved by a test protocol based on 100,000 folds and also by a wet rubbing test after 200 cycles as per the ISO 11998 standard. This demonstrates that the SETACOLOR LEATHER range is 3 times more resistant than the market standards.

For optimal and long-lasting results, we recommend applying protective varnishes to the products. 

  • 23 matt-satin colours

Ultra-resistant, covering and bright colours. The colour chart comprises a selection of trendsetting signature colours. After preparing the surface, they should be applied in thin, even layers for an even finish. The paint does not leave any traces. The colours are opaque in a maximum of 3 thin layers. Each coat must be left to dry for at least 15 minutes to avoid re-diluting the lower coat ( you can speed up drying with a hair dryer). They can be worked with a brush or airbrush using the range's lightening-thinning auxiliary. The colours can be mixed together and allow for a broader palette and gradations. Depending on the type of leather or imitation leather, the colors can have a more or less matte-satin finish. To obtain the desired finish, use our matte-satin or glossy varnish or a mixture of both.

  • 12 effect colours

Metal effect: 3 colours comprise the range: GOLD METAL, SILVER METAL and BRONZE METAL. The colours turn opaque when drying to reveal the metallic effect. When applied to a dark surface, the effect is enhanced. There are an infinite number of metallic shades that can be obtained by adding a few drops of classic colours to the Silver Metal shade. They can be worked with a brush or airbrush using the range's lightening-thinning auxiliary.

Duochrome effect: The DUOCHROME category is UNIQUE and was crafted ESPECIALLY by Pébéo to provide ever-changing colours when worn, depending on the movement and the light, on customised items. It includes 3 shade combinations: Pink/Blue, Blue/Green and Yellow/Purple. The effect appears best on dark surfaces. If you are customising a light surface, apply a black undercoat. They can be worked with a brush or airbrush using the range's lightening-thinning auxiliary.

Glitter effect: 3 GLITTER colours round off the range: Gold Glitter, Silver Glitter and Iridescent Glitter. These colours are highly laden with glitter, for a very shimmery look. Use as a transparent layer on the surface, work on a colour base or mix with the colour. They must be applied with a brush (they are not compatible with an airbrush). When wet, the result is "cloudy" but this effect disappears when it dries to reveal the sparkling effect of the glitter.

Fluorescent effect: 2 colours in this category: Fluorescent Yellow and Fluorescent Pink. Fluorescent colours should be applied on a light background, since they have a transparent base. These colours can lend an extra boost to a customisation because they have a real fluorescent effect. They can be worked with a brush or airbrush using the range’s lightening-thinning medium.

Phosphorescent effect: It is applied in thick layers and in successive strokes for an enhanced effect in the dark. Its effect will be all the better in the dark if it has been exposed to light beforehand. It should be applied with a brush (not compatible with an airbrush).

  • Auxiliaries:

1/ I PREPARE my surface

Preparer-deglazer*: Auxiliary to prepare and degrease the surface, so as to remove the protective varnish that covers it and to degrease it for optimal adhesion of the colours. To be used before applying bottled or marker colours. Soak an absorbent paper towel or cloth with the degreasing agent and rub the surface to be prepared.

* Hazardous product. Observe the precautions for use. Use only outdoors or in a well ventilated area.

2/ I CREATE and TRANSFORM the Setacolor Leather colours

Lightening-Thinner medium: For airbrushing, it is recommended to make a 1:1 mixture (thinner and colour) to obtain an optimal viscosity for a smoother airbrush. This technique is highly recommended for customising sneakers. The result is uniform (if you master the airbrush technique) and leaves no trace of paint. This auxiliary also lets you dilute, liquefy and lighten Setacolor Leather colours when applied with a brush or airbrush without altering their properties (resistance, shine, etc.) unlike diluting with water.

Glue: Auxiliary for bonding various materials (cotton, leather, polyester, etc.) and materials (pearls, powders) to leather or imitation leather. The glue should be applied only to the areas to be glued, and we recommend gluing directly without waiting for it to dry. It is crucial to remove any residues before the glue dries.

Masking fluid: Peelable drawing gum once dry for defining paint-free areas on leather or synthetic leather, for drawing or writing. Apply in a thick layer. Drying time varies depending on the thickness of the coating, approximately 30 minutes (you can speed up drying with a hair dryer). The bluish colour helps to identify the masked areas, and darkens when drying. You can apply it directly to the surface and then apply the colour over it, once the gum is dry, or you can draw with the gum over an already applied colour and cover the masking gum with another colour to have a coloured masked area instead of colouring the bare surface. Once dry, simply peel or rub the gum off with your fingers within a maximum of 15 days after application. To obtain clean lines after peeling or rubbing off, it is advisable to apply a thin layer of colour to the dry masking gum. The brush can be cleaned with soapy water.

3/ I PROTECT my creation

Matt-satin and gloss varnishes: For optimal and long-lasting results, protective varnishes must be applied to the work. Available in 2 finishes: matt/satin or gloss. The varnish will help to seal the colour perfectly, protecting your creation from rubbing, scratches, wear and tear, and water. They can be applied with a brush, preferably wide and flat for a fully uniform finish, or with an airbrush without prior dilution for a shiny varnish, and mixed 50:50 water and varnish for a matte-satin effect.  The matt-satin varnish must be well mixed before use. It is recommended to wait 24 hours before varnishing. Tip: you can achieve the desired finish by mixing matt-satin and gloss varnishes. For a satin finish, mix 3 parts gloss varnish to 1 part matt-satin varnish.

  • Markers:

Pébéo is breaking new ground in this technique by offering a range of 10 colours of markers especially designed for leather and synthetic leather. With an extra fine tip, you can easily work on customising leather and leatherette surfaces even when you are new to the activity. This marker is great for drawing, writing and working on details or flat areas (without streaks), to be used alone or in combination with the Setacolor Leather colours. The shades are identical to those in the 45 ml bottle. For fluorescent shades, it is best to apply to light-coloured surfaces. It is essential to shake the marker well before use. The tip is primed very quickly, so don’t press too hard or for too long, since the colour may leak out of the tip. Put the cap back on the marker after use to prevent the tip from drying out. Store flat.

A bag of 3 spare tips is available. If the tip dries out or becomes clogged, you can easily replace it. Remove the white wick holder, then grip the white foam underneath the metal tip with two fingers to remove only the tip. Replace with a new metal tip and screw the wick holder back on.

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