Winsor Newton Promarker Manga Fantasy Set 2 12+1

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W&N ProMkr 12+1 Manga Fantasy

Unbeatable colour performance Alcohol-based inks give incredible tonal range and vibrancy.
Translucent colours can be overlaid and blended - Layering produces new shades and offers varying depth and opacity. Blender pen softens and merges colours together. Achieve a ‘print-quality’ finish.
Fine, bullet-shaped nib is designed for precise detailing and line work; use the broad chisel for nib filling larger areas.
Suitable for a range of surfaces - Winsor & Newton bleedproof paper (75 gsm) gives best results on paper. Markers can also be used on card, glass, wood and plastic.
Combine sets to build a collection - No duplication of colours between character and expansion packs.
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