Unison Pastel Ocean Blue 1 - 12 Set

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The Ocean Blue set was developed in collaboration with pastel artist Zaria Forman who specialises in creating seascapes on a huge scale. Zaria was struggling to find the right color blue for a very specific kind of ice. Old ice. Snow stacked on snow stacked on snow for hundreds of thousands of years building glaciers and polar ice caps. This ice radiates sapphire blues that she just could not seem to achieve, even by blending several colors together. So, Zaria contacted us to create the Ocean Blues.

Unison Colour Soft pastels allow for ease of use with a highly blendable texture. Our soft pastels have a smooth buttery texture and are water soluble. These intensely pigmented pastels have superior lightfastness. These are high quality artist pastels that are handmade in the UK using traditional pigments.
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