Derwent - Inktense Pencil - 24 Tin

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Taking watercolour to the next level: Professional quality pencils in rich, vibrant colours, Use dry or add water for a dramatic, ink-like effect that?s indelible
Perfect for artists, fashion designers, cardmaking and colouring-in, Easy to blend and shade thanks to wide, soft core, White pencil and waxy outliner included for pastel/defined effects
The colour is fixed once mixed with water and allowed to dry ? more colour can be added on top without affecting the layer beneath, Or use without water for detailed drawing or colouring Best used with Derwent Waterbrushes and watercolour paper, Also suitable for painting on fabric (wash in cold water)Contents: 1x Set of 24 Derwent Inktense Pencils in an attractive tin, Colour names and numbers embossed in gold, Round barrels fit standard pencil sharpeners.
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