Polychromos Artists' Pastel White

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Polychromos artists’ pastels from Faber-Castell are available in 60 intense colours. They contain quality pigments with a high degree of light-fastness producing intense colours with a smooth colour laydown. The square-cross section allows the drawing of fine detail with an edge or shading of extended areas with one face. Blending can be achieved by overlay or with the use of a paper wiper Colour Shaper brush or finger. The pastels require only a minimum amount of fixing for permanence. Superior pigments of unsurpassed light-fastness. Intense colour ideal for detailed and wide area work. Polychromos artists' pastel crayons can be ground into a fine pigment powder using sandpaper and then mixed with oil resin or an acrylic medium to form paint. Drawings made with Polychromos pastels can be wiped or treated with a paintbrush dipped in liquid paraffin to give fine colour transitions. Rectangular shape of the pastel allows several different line widths to be acheived by using the different faces.

Polychromos Artists' Pastel White
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