Mick Jagger by Barbara Kerr

With a lot of thought and a respectful nod to Matisse, I have settled on the descriptive term for my work as 'Paper Cuts'.
I have many influences, but I'm increasingly drawn to Japanese art and the fusion of the 'negative' space with the prolific and life-abundant. I have a background in design, and my exposure to the medium of paper in my university days has set me on a lifetimes exploration of its possibilities. These works are 100% human, nothing more technical than paper and a knife are used in their creation. Each piece is unique. I have no idea how a piece will end once I've begun. I simply start at the centre and let the colours and patterns of the natural forms that inspire me. Barbara Kerr.

Original Paper Cut

Image Size 21 x 16 cm

Over all Framed Size 50 x 57 cm


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