Leuchtturm Bullet Journal Edition 2 - Blush

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Bullet Journal Edition 2, Medium (A5), Hardcover, 206 numbered pages, Blush, dotted

• Bullet Journal in A5 145 x 210 mm
• Page Dividers
• The Grid Guide
• 120 g/m² paper
• Sticker set

Journaling fans will now also find the Pocket Guide in Bullet Journal® - Edition 2. This compact extra booklet with quick instructions is always at hand in the practical folding pocket of the back cover. For all those who want to discover Bullet Journaling for the first time, and an additional inspiration for advanced journal-keepers.

New features in the Bullet Journal® – Edition 2 create even more opportunities to customise and personalise self-organisation according to your own ideas. For example, with the Grid Guide: these instructions in the front of the book make it easier to create calendar overviews, diagrams or trackers.

Additional structure on every page: Page Dividers

The new Page Dividers put smart markings on each page, which enable fast and precise division in fields or sections – both vertically and horizontally.

The first page of the original Bullet Journal® is used to display a legend (key). Ryder Carroll already created some icons for this, which users often modify - after all, the method he invented is an individually adaptable system.

An example of a to-do list: The normal bullet points (resulting from the dotted ruling) are used for listing individual tasks. If you want to make a to-do list for the current day, all items are listed one below the other.

To mark a task as completed, the dot is changed to a cross. If an item on the list is not completed and moved to the next day, this item becomes an arrow pointing to the right. There are many possibilities, as individual as the international community that has embraced the Bullet Journal® as its own and exchanges ideas on a global scale. Numerous other ideas and helpful videos on the subject can be found at www.bulletjournal.com.
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