Albrecht Dürer Watercolour Marker, cardboard wallet of 5

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Albrecht Dürer Watercolour Marker, cardboard wallet of 5

An artists´ watercolour marker is the modern definition of watercolour painting: a high-quality drawing instrument that supports both spontaneous sketching and artistic watercolour painting. The water-based ink is always ready for use and can also be completely washed out with water. The versatility of this marker is especially convincing when traveling. Those who like to hold onto impressions while on the go will be delighted to be able to turn to this pen.

Highly pigmented artists´ marker with two tips
Water-based, water soluble ink
Soft brush tip for all-over colour and dynamic sketches
Sturdy fibre tip for outlines, detailed drawings and precise lines
Excellent watercolour effects on watercolour paper
High lightfastness
Does not bleed through paper
Ideal for artistic work and expressive drawing
Wallet of 5
Available in individual colours In-store
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