Montana BLACK Blackout- 400ml (BLK9050)

The Montana BLACK range welcomes the return of the knewly optimised, BLACKOUT Tarblack. This combination Nitro-Combi & Tar-Mix can is the perfect high pressure 400ml can to cover any chrome effect or metallic colors, wet or dry. The BLACKOUT Tarblack itself has an extremely fast drying time of around 2 minutes in conditions 15 degree's celcuis or higher.This is about 3 times faster then normal tar products. With it's pigmented matt black tar formular, it also offers a rich black finish, as apposed to the prominent brown undertones you may be used to from other brands. Loaded with the Black/Orange dot fat cap, be prepared to cover large surface area rapidly and cleanly. Particularly good on non-primed surfaces where paint would usually be absorbed, the BLACKOUT Tar black leaves behind a beautifully opaque clean line. (Allow to dry completely before painting over).


What are the main characteristics of Montana BLACKOUT?

The Montana BLACKOUT is a combination Nitro-Combi and Tar pigment mix can. Taking it's place in the Montana BLACK range, Montana BLACKOUT is a high-pressure 400ml can that can cover chrome effect or metallic colors wet or dry with maximum coverage.
Is Montana BLACKOUT the same as other Montana BLACK colors?

Montana BLACKOUT is not the same as other Montana BLACK colors, or the color black in the BLACK range. It is a mixture of pigment and bitumen based paint designed for the rapid application over metallic or chrome effect colors.
Montana BLACKOUT winterproof?

Absolutely! Montana BLACKOUT is like the other BLACK range colors with possibly the best performance in a spray can in extreme weather conditions. It has been proven to perform perfectly in cold temperatures. Please note that a drop in can pressure can begin to occur when the temperature reaches 0° and below. For best performance it is important to keep your cans warm for as long as possible.
Being tar based, how long does Montana BLACKOUT take to dry?

Montana BLACKOUT is the most rapid drying can in the Montana BLACK range taking apx. 2 minutes to dry in conditions 15° or over. That's around 3 times faster than normal tar based products.
Can I combine my Montana BLACKOUT with other spray paints?

Yes, you can combine your Montana BLACKOUT with other cans if the other cans are applied after the Montana BLACKOUT has dried. If other colors are applied over BLACKOUT before it has completely dried cracks and reactions may occur due to incompatibility.
Is the Montana BLACKOUT like the color black in the Montana BLACK range?

The Montana BLACKOUT is different to the normal black color in the Montana BLACK range. The color black is a purer black and due to not having elements of bitumen or tar, will not cover metallic and chrome effect colors when they are wet. Montana BLACKOUT also dries faster then the standard color black.
Is the Montana BLACKOUT color in the RAL system?

All though many colors from other color systems may appear similar, the Montana BLACKOUT color is a unique color created by us that was developed by some of the worlds best graffiti artists for graffiti artists. It is not part of any other system.
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