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The Montana BLACK series is renowned amongst many things for its excellent coverage. The INFRA colors, which are the fluorescent range within the Montana BLACK series are no exception. The INFRA series is offered in the colors INFRA Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Violet and Green so you can extend your creativity into new realms. Whether it be a highlight here and there or use over larger surface area, the INFRA range can make the difference your looking for.

Please note that all fluorescent colors in general regardless of which origin derive of synthetic man made pigments. As such there is no natural resistance to UV exposure, thus lifespan and durability against the elements is less than that of normal colors.

The Montana BLACK contains fast painting and layering optimized Nitro-Combination lacquer. The matte finish colors are fast drying and high covering. Only high quality ingredients and best pigments have been used for the development and production of the new Montana BLACK, assuring the highest standard of quality.

The high-pressure system allows for fast and perfect handling. Due to the high output of paint and the high pigment load Montana BLACK covers extremely well. In conjunction with the use of Montana spray caps, Montana BLACK enables users to apply the paint to large or small surface areas with accuracy and efficiency. Spray widths from 1cm to 30cm can be achieved depending on the user skill and experience.

Functions reliably in extremely cold conditions. Perfect for artists working outside in cold climates. Praised by artists around the world, Montana BLACK has proved to be the all weather rugged and reliable tool.

What are Montana BLACK INFRA colors?

Montana BLACK INFRA colors are the fluorescent colors for the Montana BLACK range. They are optimized for opacity and coverage as apposed to the Montana GOLD FLUORESCENT colors that are optimized for color purity and intensity.
Are INFRA colors like any other Montana BLACK colors?

NO! Fluorescent color pigments do not exist in nature. As such, all are man-made, synthetic pigments that are not able to withstand exposure to the elements like normal colors. This may lead to less durability, faster fading or discoloration.
Are Fluorescent colors as light fast as the other colors? Can I protect them?

Fluorescent colors fade faster then other colors during UV exposure. Montana Cans uses UV blockers in our paints to increase their lightfastness and longevity. It is also possible to apply a Montana Varnish over the cured Fluorescent color to protect it even further.
Are fluorescent colors as opaque as other colors?

Montana BLACK INFRA colors are optimized for opacity and coverage. Generally fluorescent colors are not as opaque as colors with a natural pigment origin. As such we recommend multiple coats on white or light base colors for best results.
Can I use Montana BLACK INFRA colors like any other Montana BLACK?

Yes. Once cured, INFRA colors are intermixable and can be handled, painted over or re-coated with any other Montana BLACK color.
Why do Fluorescent colors cost more?

Due to no Fluorescent colors existing in nature, it is not easy to create quality Fluorescent colors. As such more expensive raw materials and manufacturing processes are required to create the high quality fluorescent pigments Montana Cans uses.
Do Fluorescent colors have the same finish as other Montana GOLD colors?

Fluorescent colors have a slightly different finish compared to other Montana GOLD colors. Usually they are a little more matte, subject to the gloss levels that already existed on the substrate they have been applied to.
Will my Fluorescent colors glow in the dark?

The Montana BLACK INFRA colors will glow under UV light. The more coats applied, the greater the effect. For best results, we suggest a dark room or space. Eliminate or decrease the amount of ambient light in the room to increase the glowing effect.
Will my Fluorescent colors glow in daylight?

No. UV light is required for the glow in the dar effect. Should you want your paint to glow without UV light, you need to purchase the Montana Night Glow.

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