Our Top 10 Craft Projects for Kids for Summer

DIY Paper Spinner

These are super easy to make and really encourage your kids to use their imagination to create lots of bright, colourful patterns!


DIY Paper Spinner

 Bow Tie Butterflies

A fun way to utilise materials around the house, this makes for a frugal project. Create a whole swarm to cover your walls!


 Bow tie Butterfly


Twig Projects

This one is a brilliant one to keep in mind any time you have day trips in the countryside. An example of a great way for your kids to connect their imagination with nature and the joy of the outdoors.



Painting with Nature


A craft activity that is 2 projects in 1- using objects found in nature and poster paint, you can create bright colourful abstract pieces, and beautifully decorated works of art. A great project to use to get involved with sensory play.


Painting with Nature - Kids Crafting Ideas

DIY Moon Rocks

A must for any Star Wars fans out there, create your own iridescent moon rocks! Experiment with different colours to build a luminescent solar system.


Moon Rocks - Kids Crafting Ideas

 Glue Painting

This is loads of fun, as our staff here at BradburyArt will testify to! Use different objects dragged through the paint and glue to create different patterns and effects. The glue dries clear, leaving a stained glass effect, perfect to hang in front of a window to create beautiful shadows.


 Glue Painting - Childrens Crafting Ideas

Floating Chalk Painting

This is a great project to do which will use up all those ends of soft pastels and chalks that are lying in your craft bucket. Creates some magical textures that can be used in additional projects. Why not decoupage & upcycle your finished sheets with ModPodge and extend the creativity!



Crayon Art Sculpture

Of course, this is not just limited to crayons, you can build this with a variety of materials! This is highly addictive and may be one in which the adults may get involved too (we are looking at you, Lego fans!)


Build a cardboard Sculpture

This is a classic activity to do with your kids, especially on a rainy day. It requires little in materials, just what you can scavenge from around the house. Why not paint the castle when it has been built or decoupage the towers with your floating chalk paint sheets?


 Build a cardboard Castle

Recycled cardboard Peacock

This is a craft that is tactile and colourful, and a great way to use those discarded CD’s. Great project to do when learning about animals!


Recycled Peacock

You can find materials for your craft projects in store. Don’t forget to call in and keep a lookout for special offers we have over the summer for kids! Happy crafting!


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