John Myatt Collection Majorca

21st June 2016 in Gallery Exhibitions

John Myatt Collection

World renowned painter John Myatt takes the journey to the Mediterranean that Monet never did, to give us a glimpse of the paintings that might have been…

Having previously served a prison sentence for his part in ‘the greatest art fraud of the 20th century’, John Myatt has gone on to become a hugely popular contemporary artist in his own right. Gaining attention from both national and international media and with plans for a Hollywood movie of his life in the pipeline, Myatt's profile as an art forger turned legitimate painter continues to grow.


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Being Human by Nic Joly

9th June 2016 in Gallery Exhibitions

Being Human by Nic Joly‘Being Human’ is the latest collection of original wall mounted sculptures, complimented by boutique and limited edition publishing, from innovative British sculptor, Nic Joly. Tackling the intangible social restraints that we impose on ourselves and each other, this body of work casts off convention to celebrate honesty and the words that, too often, go unspoken.

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For your Good Heart by Paul Horton

1st June 2015 in Gallery Exhibitions

New Exhibition from Paul Horton - "For your good Heart"

Paul Horton Exhibition Belfast

Paul Horton is a hugely successful name in contemporary art. He has become renowned for the wonderful array of characters and street scenes, offering universal themes that appeal to people of all ages and in all walks of life. Paul has often been described as a modern day Lowry with many of his paintings becoming instantly recognisable.

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