Comming Soon - Creative Workshops

7th September 2018 in Art Material News

Creative Workshops

Are you someone who spends hours on Pinterest, saying to yourself i wish i could do that..... well now you can...... Or are you a Papercrafter , Artist, General Crafter, or just love Playing with Art and Craft Products?

Exciting new Workshops at Bradbury Art Store will be commencing October 2018. Suitable for complete beginners, absolutely no experience needed, or those looking to try new mediums to incorporate with their current creative Style.

The workshop space is bright and inviting in the upstairs gallery of the Shop, Please note it is not wheelchair accesible , and is accessed via stairs.

The workshops will be run by Vikki Gorham.  Vikki has many years experience and a passion for Arts and Crafts.   She demonstrates for leading craft companies and is part of the Create and Craft Tv Content Contributor Team.  The workshops are about introducing you to new mediums and techniques, having fun, experimenting.  We are all creative, and these workshops will give you the confidence to do just that, or incorporate these mediums into your existing arts and craft.

Vikki is trained in child protection, fully insured and has extensive experience of working with children and youth of all ages, and adults.

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Choosing the right brush?

21st June 2016 in Art Material News

A Paintbrush Guide

Depending on what medium you will be working in; watercolor, oil or acrylic, there is a vast range of brushes to choose from. The following is the basic, most common information about brushes that most likely anyone will be able to find in any art store or online.

You don’t need a bunch of brushes to start. When starting a painting workshop most students  get about 6 brushes which is plenty to start with. Paint brushes are something that you collect over time and sometimes need to replace. Depending on what you will be painting on, such as rough canvas, you may need to replace your brushes more frequently as rough canvas can act as sandpaper on your brush. I keep my brushes long after they don’t resemble anything similar to the original brush I purchased– when they are simply sticks with a fringe on the end. These brushes are some of my favorites for blending. 

Brush Family - Winsor Newton



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Mabef Italian Easels - Why Choose a Mabef?

17th June 2016 in Art Material News

Mabef Italian Easels - Established in 1948 producing Simple, Functional Wooden easels for Artists all over the world.

MABEF easels don’t have just to work, but they must work really well.  Every MABEF product is designed to offer the best performance. Our easels are not over technological and sophisticated: simply they do well their work. Not by chance who designs MABEF products, has always in mind the product that would recommend to himself or to his best friend.

Mabef Easel Italy

Buy NOW - Sale NOW ON

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Our Top 10 Craft Projects for Kids for Summer

8th June 2016 in Art Material News

Summer is nearly here! 

If you are already running out of ideas of how to keep your kids entertained, we have searched the internet and complied a list of our top 10 crafts affordable crafting activities to do with kids this summer, that will not only keep them busy, but will help develop their creative skills. These are all easy to get stuck into, both indoors and out! 

Painting with Nature - Kids Crafting Ideas

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Are erasers in school 'instruments of the devil'?

27th May 2015 in Art Material News

We know some times artwork does not always work out the first time.  One of the tricks of the trade in the art world is the humble eraser but a cognitive scientist has suggested rubbers be banned from school classrooms. Chris Stokel-Walker asks - What is the benefit in presenting children's work, warts and all?  by By Javier Espinoza, Education Editor, Daily Telegraph.


Derwent Erasers

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