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17th June 2016 in Art Material News
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MABEF is a company born in 1948. It’s, therefore, almost 60 years that MABEF produces and sells wooden articles for artists. This long permanence in the market is due to the fairness that has always characterized MABEF’s offer, made up of valid products that answer, at their best, to needs of solidity, functionality and duration.
In addition, the brand loyalty of consumers during the time, made a significant contribution to the success of Mabef.
Anybody who was satisfied with a MABEF product, will be buying again a MABEF product!

Raw material

The material used is solid Beachwood coming from certified geographical areas and from woods where reforestation is under control of local regulations and guaranteed by forestry commission.


In this way, the wood used is constantly replaced.
The Beachwood is extremely resistant and long-lasting and will accompany us throughout our life and over. Its beauty improves with the passing of time.
It is 100% recyclable and ecological. All the wooden scraps, shavings and saw dust are collected, broken up and through a very elaborate process, transformed in “pellets”, an ecological fuel, for heating all the factories and offices, which, while burning, releases carbon dioxide in quantities equal to those previously absorbed by the living plant.


MABEF easels don’t have just to work, but they must work really well.
Every MABEF product is designed to offer the best performance. Our easels are not over technological and sophisticated: simply they do well their work. Not by chance who designs MABEF products, has always in mind the product that would recommend to himself or to his best friend.

Sturdiness and reliability

MABEF easels know their destiny since their birth: they must be strong, solid, reliable and long-lasting. It’s thanks to the respect of these values that MABEF can afford to continue to produce and sell easels for more than 50 years.

Simple use

Don’t expect complicated mechanism from MABEF easels. All is studied to get the simplest and fastest working method.
Also, anyone, who is not so experienced in handling the easels, can find in MABEF, a product easy to work with. All with the guarantee to always have the best performance.


MABEF produces and sells only easels and accessories for artists since its birth in 1948, without wasting its manufacturing energy in other fields.
Why this? Because MABEF wanted to specialize and concentrate its energies to do, at the best, just what knows to do. That’s why the MABEF products are, since the beginning, just the following:
easels, sketch box easels, palettes, sculpture trestles, wooden boxes and print racks.


Dedication to quality products and service

All MABEF products are guaranteed 24 months, starting from the date of purchase, against all the manufacturing defects. The purchase date must be proved by a delivery document released from the retailer or by other document (i.e. till receipt) that brings the retailer's name and the delivery date of the product.
If, during the warranty period, a manufacturing defect is recognized, MABEF will provide to eliminate the defect by reparation and/or substitution of the defective components, without any expense for the Consumer.
This warranty excludes claims that arise for the following causes:

  • Negligence, misuse and/or mishandling
  • No observance of the instructions for the maintenance (see Care & Maintenance section)
  • Damages occured during transport, or due to circumstances and/or events that don’t depend on manufacturing process

We’d point out that possible changes in colour and grain, found on the product, are not flaws but intrinsic characteristics of the wood.

Mabef, the excellence in the quality
This is an exclusive service offered to all consumers who register their MABEF product on-line.
In addition to the “Conventional Warranty” during 24 months, MABEF extends the same terms and conditions for the entire life of the product.
If, in the unlikely event, a problem arises that is not covered under the Mabef lifetime warranty or you are not satisfied with our product, MABEF guarantees the total assistance by filling the form that you find in the section "Customer Service". MABEF assures that will do their best to solve your problem in the shortest possible time.
The costs for the eventual reparation and/or substitution of the parts, not covered under warranty, will be charged to the Consumer.

Mabef Warranty


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